Reggie Watts Makes His 70th and Final ‘Comedy Bang! Bang!’ Appearance This Thursday

Ahead of Reggie Watts’s 70th and final Comedy Bang! Bang! episode on IFC this Thursday, the newly hired Late Late Show bandleader chatted with Scott Aukerman and executive producer/head writer Neil Campbell on the latest CBB podcast for their first public discussion about his transition from the IFC show to working alongside James Corden at CBS. Watts tells Aukerman that after reading the script for his goodbye episode he initially didn’t think he could do it “because it’s a lot of pressure,” and he admits that he hasn’t watched the episode yet even though Aukerman sent him the whole thing already. “It’s gonna be awesome and cool to see it,” Watts says, “because I haven’t seen it yet. I’ve seen like the first 200 seconds.”

Listen to the full episode below:

Reggie Watts Makes His 70th and Final ‘Comedy Bang! […]