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This Is What Common Will Look Like in Suicide Squad

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Common. Photo: Richard Chapin Downs Jr./2015 Getty Images

By now most of the Suicide Squad cast members (including Jared Leto) have unveiled their edgy onscreen looks. Common, who joined the crew a little late in the game, was among the last remaining costume mysteries. Thanks to pictures of the musician-slash-actor floating around social media this week, however, even his criminal getup is no longer a secret. (His character is another story, but more on that below.) The following shots offer a clear glimpse at what he will look like in the film — which is to say very leathery, pierce-y, and tattoo-y.

Here he is, from a few different angles:

It had been widely rumored that Common would be playing Aquaman’s archnemesis Black Manta, but because of his newly released appearance, that seems unlikely — unless he’s supposed to look like an evil SeaWorld trainer that rides devil rays around like they’re Harley-Davidsons. If that is the case, then, nailed it. The Hollywood Reporter and other outlets have noted, though, that he’s probably more in line with the Tattooed Man’s look (for obvious reasons), or that he might also be a badass, David Ayer–ified version of Doctor Mist or Bronze Tiger. Sure. Let the guessing games begin — this movie’s still unfortunately a ways away.

See Common’s Very Inky Suicide Squad Look