See Paul Dano’s Amazing Brian Wilson Performance in This Exclusive Clip From Love & Mercy

The new film Love & Mercy (out this Friday) takes an unusual approach to portraying the life of Beach Boys singer-songwriter Brian Wilson: He’s played at various ages by Paul Dano and John Cusack, and as the film crisscrosses between them, it’s Dano’s performance in particular that has been praised as an uncanny standout. Just take a look at this exclusive clip, in which Wilson labors on a song with bandmate Mike Love (Jake Abel): Dano totally inhabits Wilson’s ethereal sadness, and it’s all in the eyes. And, hey, if you’re not convinced by my description, rest assured that this clip will also gift you with a pretty chic beret-and-turtleneck ensemble, some fabulous ‘60s production design, and a reaction shot from a dog named Banana. Sold yet?

See Paul Dano in an Exclusive Love & Mercy Clip