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Snowden Comic-Con Trailer: The World Isn’t Ready for the Truth, or for Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s Reedy Snowden Voice

Oliver Stone’s Edward Snowden biopic was set to compete in the Oscar race last fall, until it was bumped back to September 2016, probably so Joseph Gordon-Levitt could watch a few more YouTube video-game tutorials, which, one assumes, is where he’s getting that accent. Stone met with the real-life Snowden for this project, which follows the former CIA employee and NSA contractor as he leaks information about the government’s surveillance programs to the press. Zachary Quinto plays reporter Glenn Greenwald, Melissa Leo is Laura Poitras (who directed the Snowden documentary Citizenfour), and Shailene Woodley is Snowden’s girlfriend Lindsay Mills. Nicolas Cage, Rhys Ifans, Timothy Olyphant, and Tom Wilkinson all star as various angry men in nice suits. Put your cell phone in the microwave and watch the film’s Comic-Con trailer above — which was not the most interesting thing to happen at the Snowden panel — and its first trailer below.

Then watch the first teaser, released last year, below. It’s mostly a helpful rundown of Snowden’s résumé, though it leaves out the fact that he’s now known for his bad Twitter puns.

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