Simon Rich, Emily Spivey, and Mike O’Brien Look Back on Their Toughest ‘SNL’ Sketches

To celebrate the release of the new SNL documentary, Vulture has a fun piece out today featuring SNL writers Emily Spivey, Simon Rich, and Mike O’Brien, who look back on the origins of the toughest sketches they’ve written for the show. Here’s Simon Rich on the lessons learned filming his fantastic 2008 sketch “Jar Glove” starring Kristen Wiig:

The great thing about SNL is you get to learn on the job. It can be scary, but I’m so thrilled that Lorne Michaels allowed me to make so many mistakes during those early years. I’ve never learned so much so fast in all my life. I definitely learned a lot on this endless, hellish shooting day. In general, I learned to never put flying in the sketch, and, whenever possible, try to limit the use of animals. Those are two biggies. Although, for all my talk of dogs, I ended up putting them in numerous other sketches. I always knew it was a bad idea and I always did it anyway. I wrote another commercial parody the next year, a dog-food parody. It was during the recession and it was a bargain brand called “Mostly Garbage,” and they brought in more dogs. So, I learned a little bit on the job, but not that much.

Watch the sketch below, then head over to Vulture to read the rest.

Simon Rich, Emily Spivey, and Mike O’Brien Look Back […]