Stephen Colbert Covers Toby Keith’s ‘As Good As I Once Was’

Stephen Colbert did a good job, whatever it is. Photo: Larry Busacca

Stephen Colbert made a surprise appearance at the Songwriter Hall of Fame Thursday night, to induct the country singer-songwriter Toby Keith and perform a playful cover of Keith’s “As Good As I Once Was.” Colbert, who was decked out in a denim jacket and black cowboy hat, hobbled over to the lectern like he had a “boot up his ass” (shout out to Keith’s song “Courtesy of the Red, White, and Blue”) and shared an encounter with Keith after his musical set in the early days of the Report that later would become immortalized in cross-stitch.

My favorite part of the night was, as the big dog was leaving out the stage door and I was going to the rewrite room — this is very early on in my show, and he didn’t know what he was in for, I guess — he turned around to me and he said, “Hey, man, you do a great job, whatever the fuck it is you do.” I was sincerely deeply moved by that moment, so much so that my executive producer — this is true — had it stitched on a pillow for me for Christmas.

Here’s a highlight from Colbert’s performance of “As Good As I Once Was”:

Stephen Colbert Covers Toby Keith Song