This Movie Full of ‘SNL’ Folks Got the Worst Rebranding Ever

Back in April, the first trailer was released for Intramural, a new comedy starring Nikki Reed, Jake Lacey, and SNLers Kate McKinnon, Jay Pharoah, and Beck Bennett. The film debuted at the Tribeca Film Festival in April, but ahead of its VOD release on June 19th, MGM has decided to give it a very dramatic rebranding starting with a new, frat bro-friendly title: Balls Out. Just take a look at the old Intramural poster and the tacky new dudebro’d up version:

BriTANicK’s Nick Kocher – who also appears in the film – recently wrote about the rebranding on Tumblr, and although he confirms that the movie is exactly the same, he’s understandably disappointed that the new title, poster, and trailer are all made to “make the movie seem less clever and appeal to the lowest common denominator” audience: “Fun fact, if you ever want to prank a bunch of actors, offer them a movie called Hope Holds A Flower, then after they’ve filmed it change the title to Tiny Taint’s Fart Parade.”

Compare both trailers for yourself below:

Rebranding movies happens all the time (see Maggie Carey’s 2013 film The To Do List, which originally had the much catchier title The Hand Job), but Kocher is more than justified in his worry that the movie’s original target audience – viewers who like clever, well-written comedies and performers like Jay Pharoah and Kate McKinnon – will be turned off by this new wave of marketing: “I trust that they know what they’re doing and that this marketing campaign will help Balls Out make more money than Intramural ever would. I only write this to the people who would never rent a movie called Balls Out, to suggest that they give Intramural a try. Because, though unfortunate from a fiscal perspective, it’s really quite ‘clever.’”

This Movie Full of ‘SNL’ Folks Got the Worst […]