This Week in Web Videos: Sandra Lemon-Strauss’s ‘Searching for Eileen Fisher’

If you’ve ever been to a place where the median household income is over $70,000 and Lexus SUVs dot the streets like a new money Seurat, you’ve probably brunched stunningly close to a person like Joanna Bradley’s unconscionably brutal, undeservedly brilliant Sandra Lemon-Strauss. Not since Parker Posey in Best in Show have I seen this particular flavor of elite purposelessness brought to life so accurately. The manic phone calls, the day planners and expensive red glasses. Bradley and her team nail it in Searching for Eileen Fisher, and I just want more. Joanna tells me she’s coming out with a third Lemon-Strauss installment (the first one’s here), thank Christ. In the meantime, we’d all do well to spend a beat or two on this impossibly busy character’s Facebook page.

This Week in Web Videos: Sandra Lemon-Strauss’s […]