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T.J. Miller Hilariously Terrorized a Local News Station in Detroit

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T.J. Miller. Photo: Kevin Winter/2015 Getty Images

To promote a comedy show of his, Silicon Valley’s T.J. Miller took his destructive, oddball antics Thursday morning to Detroit’s Fox 2 News. What starts out as a fairly normal interview about the city and Miller’s work quickly spirals into a water fight (of sorts), as well as some surreal talking points about “real” things inside the actor’s home. The Fox 2 crew looks like they’re having fun, but they also look totally terrified and uncomfortable. To all the local news stations out there, it would probably be a good idea to stop giving this guy water. They can’t say they didn’t see any of this coming.

Actually, when you invite Miller on to your show — or anywhere, for that matter — you should be prepared for anything (remember this stellar acceptance speech?):

Of course, Fox 2 did that obligatory we-have-a-comedian-on-set-we-should-have-him-do-the-weather thing:

He also shared some pretty graphic thoughts on this deep-fried Big Mac:

And, last but not least, he paid homage to Conan by pulling this lever to introduce a beat-boxing baby:

National-treasure alert. Thanks, Fox 2, for making all this possible.

T.J. Miller Terrorized a Local News Station