‘The Vulture TV Podcast’: Anna Chlumsky Edition

In an extra-special edition of “The Vulture TV Podcast,” Veep’s Anna Chlumsky (pronounced Klum-sky, like “Christmas,” Anna explained) joins Gazelle Emami and E. Alex Jung in-studio to discuss Amy’s larger arc this season, her extended break from acting, and why actors need to look in the rearview mirror when they’re pretend-driving.

Note: This episode contains spoilers.

On what Veep gets right about politicians:
“It’s not about hero and villains. Politicians aren’t superheroes and a lot of people like to pretend they are. And the people who work in government aren’t superheroes. Everybody, you know, poops!”

On a psychic telling her to get back into acting:
“I didn’t get back into acting because a psychic told me. I got back into acting because my behavior with that psychic proved how desperate I was for answers.”

On changing her body language to play Amy:
“I wish that I could shake it more easily. I definitely have to really work on yoga to get the shoulders to relax after playing Amy.”

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‘The Vulture TV Podcast’: Anna Chlumsky Edition