Watch a Cut ‘TCGS’ Scene Featuring Chris Gethard, Ilana Glazer, and the Genital Chamber

The Chris Gethard Show made its cable debut on Fusion last Thursday, and the show just released a cut scene via Funny or Die featuring Gethard and Ilana Glazer behind the safety of the “Genital Chamber,” where callers of the “Show Us the Weirdest Thing About Your Body”-themed episode could share their more NSFW body oddities then have them translated into art by a nearby Abbi Jacobson and Shannon O’Neill. Thankfully for Ben and his double-holed penis, TCGS is just about the best place to share his weird body part, which Glazer describes as “elephant-snouty” and Gethard goes so far as to call “really nice” and “well put together.” Read more about the TCGS premiere with our Gethard interview here.

Watch a Cut ‘TCGS’ Scene Featuring Chris Gethard, […]