Watch the Delightful Season 7 ‘Parks and Recreation’ Gag Reel

The final Parks and Recreation gag reel ever hit the internet today, so even though the show’s been off the air since February, this latest round of bloopers (nearly a half hour’s worth) are one more way for Parks fans to relive the world of Leslie Knope and crew through the cast’s many wonderfully hilarious behind-the-scenes mistakes from over the years, not to mention some clips from the cast’s auditions back before the show premiered on NBC. The gag reel from season 7 starts around the 15:45 minute mark, and you’ll learn very quickly that Poehler was really looking forward to never filming a talking head again (“I can’t fucking wait for these talking heads to be over. Can’t wait!”). Be sure to stick around until the very end when Poehler gives a tearful thank-you speech to the cast and crew after the series officially wrapped filming.

Watch the Delightful Season 7 ‘Parks and Recreation’ […]