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Andy Samberg and Kit Harington Play Bad Tennis, Have Bad Hair in 7 Days in Hell

HBO has released the official full-length trailer of 7 Days in Hell, confirming that, indeed, tennis is a vicious blood sport. The movie stars Andy Samberg as an Andre Agassi–circa–“image is everything” look-alike and an uncomfortably bare-faced Kit Harington as a U.K. hopeful, with the two throwing down in the longest (fake) match in Wimbledon history. (Fun fact: The longest Wimbledon match went for over 11 hours, played for over three days, between John Isner and Nicolas Mahut in 2010.) There are a number of talking heads plucked from the actual tennis world (Serena Williams and John McEnroe) and the comedy world (Lena Dunham and Will Forte) commenting on the match. Imagine all of the bloody nipples!

Watch the Full-Length 7 Days in Hell Trailer