Whoopi Goldberg Wants to Bring Some Racial Diversity to Wes Anderson’s White World

Never change, Whoopi.

Wes Anderson’s films, colorful and creative as they may be, generally recycle the same cast of white actors. (Even The Darjeeling Limited, which was set in India, somehow still starred three white dudes.) One of them, Jason Schwartzman, happened to be on The View Friday to promote his new film The Overnight with Adam Scott. But never one to miss an opportunity to deliver major side-eye, Whoopi Goldberg, in a Valley Girl accent, used their appearance to call out Anderson’s diversity problem. “I noticed there’s not a lot of folks of color,” she told Schwarztman. Her solution: Hire Whoopi! She proceeded to give her actual résumé to Schwarztman — who couldn’t believe a black EGOT winner still has trouble getting work in Hollywood — to pass along to his good friend. Your move, Wes.

Whoopi Wants to Be in a Wes Anderson Movie