Lianne La Havas Continues to Prove Why She Should Already Be a Star in America

Prince doesn’t invite just anybody to play for him at his famed Paisley Park Studio (Alabama Shakes were reportedly the last to receive that honor), but, back in 2012, he phoned up a mostly unknown 23-year-old soul singer from London by the name of Lianne La Havas to do just that. And the rest has been history. Since then, the two have jammed together at her flat, recorded a duet for his latest album, and even performed together on Saturday Night Live late last year. And although the now-25-year-old comes highly recommended by the Purple One and is a mainstay on music blogs (including Vulture’s Best Songs of the Week), fame has mostly eluded La Havas Stateside.

Next month, she’ll again flex her lush, pristine vocals on her sophomore album, Blood, which boasts her infectious new single, “What You Don’t Do.” It’s a more nuanced take on the modern doowop that Meghan Trainor and her imitators have tried. On it she sings, “I know you love me, I don’t need proof” — which, given the context, sounds more like an affirmation of her relationship status than a humblebrag. But with that in mind, it could also easily be read as a subtle wink at anyone who’s yet to fall under her spell. It’s only a matter of time before she steals your heart too.

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