You’ve Never Seen Fights Like the Ones in This Movie

When people fight in most movies, you hear it: the shouts, the crying, the amped-up thud of fist on flesh. The signifiers of a movie fight have practically become commonplace, which is what makes the unusual clashes in The Tribe so mesmerizing: The film takes place in a crime-ridden high school for the deaf, and every time the characters come to blows or have an argument — as they do in this exclusive clip — their actions are conducted in riveting silence, a mood that’s enhanced by director Myroslav Slaboshpytskiy’s decision to forego subtitles. Even if you’re unfamiliar with sign language, you’ll quickly put together the story and motivation through context clues, and each character’s way of signing can seem as specific as an accent. Take a look at this clip from the Cannes award-winner to get a sense of the movie’s unique atmosphere, and check it out when it comes to your city: After a New York debut June 17 and an L.A. run June 26, The Tribe will embark on a roadshow-style release around the country this year.

You’ve Never Seen Fights Like This Film’s Before