Zayn Malik Reportedly Can’t Release Music for Two Years

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Should’ve stayed on that roller coaster. Photo: Karwai Tang/Getty Images

Zayn may have gone in the wrong direction: According to a Facebook post from collaborator Mic Righteous, the former boy-bander’s label has forbidden him from officially releasing new music for two years. This news would seem to conflict with recent reports that Zayn was releasing a solo album on One Direction’s label in 2016, though it would explain why he’s been going the SoundCloud route with his new releases. On the plus side, if this rumor is true, Zayn has all the time in the world to complete his prog-rock masterpiece Aladdin Zayn, with its 11-minute lead single, “Inzayn in the Memzayn.”

Zayn Reportedly Can’t Release Music for 2 Years