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The 6 Trippiest Things in Kim Kardashian’s Crazy New Energy Drink Commercial

Kim Kardashian is the face of Hype Energy Drinks (because why not?), and today the brand released a commercial featuring their spokesperson that goes from trippy to surreal more or less as soon as it begins. We’ve broken down the spot’s strangest moments so you don’t have to melt your brain. But if you want to feel like you just took peyote, by all means, proceed.

Here we meet Kim — for whatever reason dressed like Audrey Hepburn — unconscious on the sidewalk. (Note that bling!) We soon learn she got knocked over while bike-riding, because this ad also doubles as a bicycle-safety warning.

While out cold, Kim K. does what anyone would do: dreams of being a slumbering, energy-drink-adjacent Marie Antoinette.

Even in this dream world, shameless boob close-ups sell.

Doppelgänger Kim looks on and gets — during a slow pan to the ground — a chest close-up of her own, albeit a more demure one. She’s a lady.

Suddenly, Kim awakens from her fever dream and … enters another one. Now we’re in a dubstep video!

Where you can never have too much product placement.

So concludes a Kim Kardashian West Film starring Kim Kardashian West.

The 6 Trippiest Things in Kim K’s New Ad