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Watching the Series of Unfortunate Events Teaser Is Like Playing an Unfortunate Game of I Spy [Updated]

It’s been a while since we’ve heard anything about Lemony Snicket and his forthcoming Series of Unfortunate Events endeavor — but (un)fortunately that changed over the long weekend when YouTube user Eleanora Poe uploaded a teaser for what looks to be Netflix’s 2016 adaptation of the books. Just as the YouTube user’s handle is a reference to something from the delightfully dismaying story, so is almost everything else in this eerie 35-second teaser: There’s Sunny’s birdcage, Violet’s ribbon, Klaus’s cracked glasses, a leech, a copy of The Daily Punctilio, and lots and lots and lots of eyes, among many other cryptic gems. Oh, and don’t forget Count Olaf. Help.

Update: Though very cool, the teaser was actually made by a fan and not Netflix.

Here’s the Series of Unfortunate Events Teaser