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Alison Brie Crushes Will Arnett in Her Tiny Fist in Lip Sync Battle

Lip Sync Battle returns from its hiatus, which means we’re back with our post-match analysis, where we overanalyze the merits and demerits of the respective performances. Last night put Will Arnett and Alison Brie against each other in the battle between BoJack Horseman co-stars. If there is one lesson to be learned from this, it’s that you live and die by your song choice. And Will Arnett chose to die.

Battle 1: Will Arnett’s “Who Let the Dogs Out?” vs. Alison Brie’s “Shoop”

Why Will Arnett did not choose “The Final Countdown” is entirely beyond the scope of reason. Instead he chose the Baha Men’s “Who Let the Dogs Out?” — a monumentally obnoxious song that is fun for maybe ten seconds before you realize how unrelenting the chorus is, and that the people who are into it at this very moment are probably at a bachelor party on Bourbon Street drinking hand grenades and leering at women with fistfuls of beads. So, in a sense, Will Arnett is channeling this person, and he is kind of nailing it because we definitely don’t want to be around him. You can feel the energy flag in the audience as they, too, want this to stop. This was doomed from the start. Alison Brie, meanwhile, went classic with Salt-N-Pepa’s “Shoop,” and she had it won from the moment she mouthed “Uh. That sounds sexy.” It’s a joyful, practiced performance that she made charmingly her own, robot arms and all.

Winner: Alison Brie, by two scoops.

Battle 2: Will Arnett’s “Everything is Awesome” vs. Alison Brie’s “Bang Bang”

It’s time for the theatrical segment of LSB, where Spike TV raids its prop closet. Will Arnett bounces back with The LEGO Movie’s “Everything Is Awesome.” While it shares that irritating repetition of his previous song choice, it’s mercifully broken up by the Lonely Island’s rap. But! We have to point out that he stops lip-syncing after the rap. You’re supposed to create the illusion of singing, Gob. Alison Brie goes big with Jessie J’s “Bang Bang,” which really hits its stride when she has a costume change to go along with Nicki Minaj’s rap. We can tell you practiced a lot, Alison. And you crushed it.

Winner: Alison Brie, by a wide lapel.

Overall winner: As our rap nerd Alison Brie said during Will Arnett’s performance: “Who?”

Alison Brie Crushes Will Arnett in Lip Sync