Amy Schumer and Jennifer Lawrence Jet Skied Together Using the Power of Celebrity Friendship, the Most Sustainable Fuel There Is

“We’ve heard so much about Amy Schumer recently,” internet commenters across the land bellowed en masse. “Could you possibly tell us even more about her? And maybe, while you’re at it, could you let us know what that Jennifer Lawrence is up to, too?” Could we ever! As it turns out, America’s sweetheart and the singular representative of all the complexities of feminism went on what looks like the world’s most delightful Jet Ski ride together! Lawrence was driving, of course — when you’re an Oscar winner, you don’t hand over the reins to anyone, except maybe Tommy Lee Jones — and Schumer tweeted a pic of the experience with the telling hashtag “#maniac.” This photo is such a perfect blend of everything that everyone loves that somewhere, Jimmy Fallon is looking for a way to set it to ‘90s music.

Wheeeeee! Photo: Amy Schumer/Twitter
Amy Schumer and J.Law Jet Skied Together