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Ariana Grande Posts a Second, More Comprehensive Doughnut Apology for Her Babes

Following the fallout of #doughnutgate, a puffy-cheeked, wisdom-teeth-less Ariana Grande published another apology online late Thursday night. In a four-minute YouTube video (for her fans), the singer says she was disgusted by her words and behavior. Although she had already issued an apology, Grande concedes here it wasn’t her best. “I feel like the apology that I posted … I kind of missed my opportunity to actually sincerely apologize and express how I was feeling because I was too busy preaching about my issues with the food industry, which is not … relative. I could’ve expressed myself in a different way,” she says, adding: “I am very sorry.”

Grande also underlines again that she’s proud to be an American and that she’s pretty amped about how progressive her country has been lately. She doesn’t, however, directly talk much about Wolfee Donuts, the SoCal eatery that played victim to Grande and her friend’s antics. Not that she necessarily has to — but the shop has been having a weird couple of days, rebounding from the doughnut licking, too. The Press Enterprise reports that Wolfee, which was placed under investigation after news of the incident broke, has had its health rating downgraded from an A to a B. That’s partly because doughnuts were stored incorrectly, but also because of other behind-the-scenes violations like a broken dishwasher. And despite the health knock, the Wrap reports that Wolfee’s business has actually “tripled,” thanks to customers coming in to show their support (or looking for Grande doughnuts to resell on eBay).

Ariana Grande Posts a Second Doughnut Apology