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There Is No Evidence That B.B. King Was Poisoned: Report

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B.B. King. Photo: Larry Busacca/2013 Getty Images

Medical examiners in Las Vegas say there’s no evidence late blues legend B.B. King was poisoned before his death, the AP reports. The conclusion comes roughly a month and a half after two of King’s daughters, Karen Williams and Patty King, kicked off a homicide investigation, alleging that two of their father’s closest aides colluded in a foul-play murder plot. The official cause of death is Alzheimer’s disease, in conjunction with such physical conditions as heart failure and type 2 diabetes, according to autopsy findings made public via news reports Monday. “At this point, we can say with confidence that Mr. King died of natural causes,” the coroner said in a statement released to NBC News. “Our condolences go out to the family and many friends of Mr. King, and we hope this determination brings them some measure of closure.”

The murder accusation came around the same time Williams, King, and more of their siblings unsuccessfully contested their father’s will and attempted to gain control of an estate estimated to be worth between $5 million and $10 million. “I’m glad it’s natural causes,” Rita Washington, one of King’s daughters, told the AP, noting it was still upsetting no family members were present at the time of their father’s death. “We just didn’t know what was going on and what had happened with our father.”

The autopsy results will end official investigations into King’s death, according to the coroner. Las Vegas authorities added that there is no longer an active police investigation, either. “Ms. Toney and Mr. Johnson [the aides who were in question] are very happy that these false and fictional allegations that were made against them by certain of Mr. King’s children have been dispelled,” a lawyer for King’s estate told the AP. “Hopefully we can now focus on the body of musical work that B.B. King left the world, and he can finally rest in peace.”

No Evidence B.B. King Was Poisoned: Report