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This Coach Taylor Movie-Theater PSA Is As Close As You’re Going to Get to a Friday Night Lights Movie, So Enjoy!

Imagine being in a movie theater when this PSA plays. You’ll be so amped. You’ll be all like, “This is our chance. This our night. This our time to see Minions! State! State! State! State!” Then you’ll think, Oh, the movie is almost half-finished and I have been chanting “state” the whole time, I should probably apologize to everyone else in the theater. But then you’ll notice that everyone else has been chanting “State!” with you. The point is: Kyle Chandler, doesn’t it feel real great to slip back into that hat and polo? Connie Britton, this might be a good time to give your former pretend-husband a call.

Coach Taylor Made a Movie Theater PSA for You