Watch the Beginning of Disclosure’s Weird Sci-Fi Short Film

To promote their forthcoming album Caracal, Disclosure has approved the creation of a (very) chameleonic sci-fi project: The beginning (shown in this Ryan Hope–helmed video here for “Holding On,” featuring Gregory Porter) looks like Orphan Black met Insidious at a club and then had a baby. As the song progresses, that feel morphs into something kind of X-Men-y and then something else maybe a little RoboCop-y.

“We wanted to create something very different with our music videos this time around, something unique that would connect all the songs from the album and the videos in a special way,” the duo wrote on Twitter. They went on to explain that this clip is actually the first in a series of four vignettes (the others will be available here). When considered together, the quartet of clips will form a short film with the same name as the group’s new record. Think of it as a four-day Advent calendar, if you want. Caracal, the album, drops September 25. Until then, get to know Mariela and her weird world:

Watch the Beginning of Disclosure’s Sci-Fi Short