Donald Trump Says ‘The Daily Show’ Is ‘Begging’ Him to Appear on Jon Stewart’s Farewell Episode

Last month, Page Six reported that a bunch of Jon Stewart’s conservative enemies – from Donald Trump to Sarah Palin to Bill O’Reilly, Glenn Beck, and Jim Cramer – were asked to take part in a segment for Jon Stewart’s final Daily Show episode that would serve as “their chance to turn the tables on him,” and it looks like at least one of them is considering it. Speaking to The Hill, Donald Trump confirmed that The Daily Show has been “begging” him to appear on Stewart’s big finale on August 6th. “They have invited me. I like Jon Stewart – I think he’s good. They’re begging me to go on,” he said. “I would do it … the problem is it looks like pandering. It looks so false and so phony if I do it.” Because apparently if there’s one thing Trump wants to avoid, it’s doing anything that makes people think he’s phony.

Donald Trump Says ‘The Daily Show’ Is ‘Begging’ Him to […]