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Watch Doug Funnie From Doug Sing Fetty Wap’s ‘Trap Queen’

Lovesickness. It afflicts us all, from hip-hop stars to cartoon teenagers. In this week’s Vulture Remix we see Doug Funnie, star of Nickelodeon’s dearly departed Doug, find common ground with up-and-coming rap sensation Fetty Wap. You see, Fetty’s summer smash “Trap Queen” is, at its core, a song about adoration for a woman — one whom he thinks is perfect in every way. It’s not far from Doug’s endless infatuation with Patti Mayonnaise, though the details in Fetty’s case might be a little less Nickelodeon. Don’t believe us? Watch this lip-sync remix, crafted by Adam Schleichkorn (aka Mylo the Cat).

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Watch Doug Funnie Sing Fetty Wap’s ‘Trap Queen’