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Emma Thompson: Sexism in Hollywood Is Getting Worse

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Emma Thompson. Photo: Tristan Fewings/Getty Images

Just like Ta-Nehisi Coates, Emma Thompson wants you to know that progress is a myth and there is no moral arc to the universe. Speaking to the U.K.’s Radio Times, Thompson noted that, despite her best efforts, the movie business was even more sexist today than when she started acting. “I think it’s still completely s*** actually,” Thompson told the magazine. “I don’t think there’s any appreciable improvement and I think that for women, the question of how they are supposed to look is worse than it was even when I was young.” Thompson, who is about to play a 77-year-old woman in The Legend of Barney Thompson, explained that her views have been shaped by conversations with younger colleagues: “I get behind as many young female performers as I can and actually a lot of the conversations I have with them are about exactly the fact that we are facing and writing about the same things and nothing has changed.” If they’re reading this, Jennifer Lawrence, Zoe Kravitz, and Amanda Seyfried would probably agree.

Emma Thompson: Hollywood Sexism Is Getting Worse