Watch Jason Segel’s David Foster Wallace Discuss the Allure of Alanis

It would be easy for reporter David Lipsky (Jesse Eisenberg) to feel intellectually cowed by the novelist David Foster Wallace (Jason Segel) during the five days Lispky spent interviewing him for Rolling Stone — a long encounter that forms the basis for James Ponsoldt’s new film The End of the Tour, out this Friday in limited release. After all, when the two men met up in the mid-1990s, Wallace had just published the incredibly acclaimed Infinite Jest, which established him as one of literature’s most important figures. And yet, as you’ll see in this exclusive scene, even Wallace wasn’t immune to the most pervasive pop culture of his day, and when Lipsky notices a poster for Alanis Morissette on his wall, he’s curious what Wallace could possibly see in the alt-rock chanteuse. Press play, and let Wallace make the case himself.

Watch an Exclusive End of the Tour Scene