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‘Vulture Remix’: Fantastic Four Works Better As a ’90s Direct-to-VHS Action Flick

When it comes to superhero movies, there’s a troubling tendency to think that darker means better. Nowhere is that more obvious than in the marketing for this summer’s Fantastic Four (or, as the posters confusingly spell it, Fant4stic). The trailers have been full of grim-faced youngsters and stern authority figures frowning their way through poorly lit supernatural landscapes and industrial complexes. Let’s remember: This is a story starring a guy who can stretch like rubber and whose best friend is covered in rocks. Wouldn’t it make more sense for Fantastic Four to be fun, wacky, and trashy? How great would it be if this concept were treated with the gleeful, low-budget insanity bestowed on direct-to-VHS B-movies of the 1990s?

Luckily, there was almost such a Fantastic Four movie, one made by producer Roger Corman and never officially released (you can learn more about it in the upcoming documentary Doomed!). For this week’s “Vulture Remix,” we mashed up these two Fantastic Four interpretations to create a trailer for a delightful, low-rent ‘90s video interpretation of Marvel Comics’ first family. We’re working on promotional pogs for it.

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Fant4stic Works Better As a ’90s VHS Flick