Feast Your Eyes on 15 Seconds of New X-Files Footage

If you were excited by the four seconds of new Mulder and Scully footage buried in an ad instructing viewers to begin their X-Files re-watch, you’d better brace yourself. During Thursday’s episode of Wayward Pines, Fox released a 15-second sneak peek of The X-Files revival miniseries, which debuts January 24, 2016. The clip has everything: a round thing that might be a crashed flying saucer, troops walking through a burning field, weird medical equipment, and a guy stepping on the “I Want to Believe” poster. Best of all, we see that shot of Mulder and Scully busting into a room with guns and flashlights drawn … from a slightly different angle! Let’s all relive our youth by getting obsessed with the X-Files again (then completely losing interest toward the end).

Feast Your Eyes on New X-Files Footage