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Check Out the New Ghostbusters Car

Paul Feig. Photo: Chris Jackson/2015 Getty Images

Let’s hope you’re ready for another helping of Ghostbusters news: Not long after the villain and a pic of Melissa McCarthy in her ghost-busting suit were revealed, Paul Feig took to Twitter to show off the squad’s brand-new ride. “What they gonna drive?” he tweeted, in hashtag form. Like many of the “new” Ghostbuster sneak-peek reveals (including the suits and the proton packs), the famed Ecto-1 that McCarthy & Co. will motor around in looks like a slightly updated, but mostly retro-tinged, version of the old-style car. Although a lot of the Twitter reception was positive, some fans were unimpressed. Feig noted he was (and is) appreciative of all the input because he’s an unfazed boss.

Without further ado, here it is:

Note: It has a nice backside too:

Check Out the New Ghostbusters Car