The Allegedly ‘Retired’ Hayao Miyazaki Is Making His First Computer-Animated Short

Photo: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Studio Ghibili’s legendary Hayao Miyazaki, who announced his retirement last year, will be making the transition to computer animation, according to a report posted on Anime News Network: “Studio Ghibli’s Goro Miyazaki … revealed at a talk show event on June 16 that his father, Studio Ghibli co-founder Hayao Miyazaki, is making a CG-animated short for the Ghibli Museum.”

Studio Ghibli co-founder Toshio Suzuki said the short will be ten minutes long. It apparently took three years to complete, which, if true, is really impressive — Miyazaki managed to work on a film for three years in complete secrecy. Discussing his honorary Oscar last year, the famed Japanese filmmaker said:

“I think talent decides everything. More than the method, what’s important is the talent using it. There’s nothing inherently wrong or right about a method, whether it be pencil drawings or 3-D CG. Pencil drawings don’t have to go away, but those who continue to use the medium lack talent. So sadly, it will fade away.”

Lucky for us, Miyazaki clearly doesn’t know the meaning of “retirement.”

Hayao Miyazaki Is Making His First CGI Short