If You’re Wondering If Lana Del Rey’s Still Miserably in Love, Her Haunting New Song Has a Typically Tragic Update

It wasn’t that long ago that Jessica Rabbit impersonator Lana Del Rey blessed us with yet another soundtrack to our wasted youth. Now, just a little over a year after 2014’s Ultraviolence, Lana has returned with “Honeymoon,” the first single from her upcoming third album. If you’ve been asking yourself, Hmmm, how’s Lana’s love life going? News flash: She’s now happily in miserable wedded bliss (in the song, at least) and has entered that repulsive honeymoon phase where Mr. Born to Lose’s enticing air of danger plants “roses between [her] thighs.” Is this the most macabre song she’s ever written? Whatever it is, it’s undeniably peak Lana. Smash a bottle of rosé against your bathroom wall and drown in it.

Hear Lana Del Rey’s New Song, ‘Honeymoon’