Feast Your Eyes (and Ears) on This Very Badass Inside OutInception Mash-Up

Here’s a fun hypothetical: What do you think would happen if you set snippets of Inside Out to Zack Hemsey’s Inception-associated “Mind Heist”? Well, you might get something kind of badass, like “Incept Out,” digital maestro Nelson Carvajal’s revised version of the recent Pixar box-office hit. Carvajal’s mash-up is a gripping, understated faux-trailer tinged with heightened drama, loud noises, and (unfortunately) just a pinch of Bing Bong. In his own words, Carvajal calls it “a Disney-Pixar thriller set within the architecture of our emotions.” Deep and trippy.

Here’s a Badass Inside OutInception Mash-Up