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James Corden and Kristin Chenoweth Duet, Making Him One Song Away From a Musical Episode

James Corden might be finding his late-night niche. Sure, the other Jimmys have more established comedic followings, but Corden can do classic song-and-dance numbers. So last night he had very good singer Kristin Chenoweth join him for a spoof of Bob Seger’s “We’ve Got Tonite” (Which Glee also covered, sniff.) where Corden induces a pouty Chenoweth to come out of her dressing room with song.

Add this to the delightful Corden singing moments in his brief tenure, which include his best running bit, carpool karaoke, and reenacting “Opposites Attract” with Paula Abdul. Basically, we’re just one song away from an entire musical episode of The Late Late Show, which we would be entirely down for.

Watch James Corden and Kristin Chenoweth Duet