Watch The Daily Show’s Jessica Williams Make Things Uncomfortable for Jemaine Clement

In the new movie People Places Things (out August 14), Jemaine Clement plays an unhappily single father of two who’s still adjusting to uncoupled life after he caught his ex and their friend in a romantic clinch. Clement’s sad professor really needs to put himself out there and learn to love again, but with whom? His student, The Daily Show’s Jessica Williams, has an idea: He should come over to her place! In this exclusive clip, you can see Clement react awkwardly to that teacher-on-student idea before Williams reveals that she actually wants to set him up with her mother (Regina Hall). Then, as she becomes aware of Clement’s misinterpretation, she drives a stake through that notion of teacher-student canoodling pretty thoroughly and repeatedly.

Jessica Williams and Jemaine Clement Get Awkward