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Kit Harington’s Everyday Life Is Not a Game of Thrones Spoiler

Celebrities At Wimbledon 2015
In tennis, it’s “You know ‘love,’ Jon Snow.” Photo: Karwai Tang/Getty Images

After dying on Game of Thrones, Kit Harington has been placed in the odd position of seeing his own living body — the one he eats with, sneezes with, shits with — become fodder for GOT fan theories. With rumors swelling that Jon Snow is not dead for good, Harington stepped out at Wimbledon sporting his character’s distinctive curly locks (as well as, it must be said, his distinctive pout). As Harington can’t stop telling interviewers how much he hates having long hair, fans instantly speculated that his flirty curls were still under contract with HBO. Which may or may not be the case. It wouldn’t be out of the question for Harington to keep his hair long just because, and conversely, any haircut he did get could grow out by the time filming for season six rolls around later this summer. Are we really going to do this every time Kit Harington steps out in public?

Kit Harington’s Real Life Becomes a GOT Spoiler