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Canadian Man Imitates Up, Gets Charged With Mischief

The Calgary Stampede (an annual rodeo festival in Alberta, Canada) got weird when one fan nearly Up-ed his way into the place. Local man Daniel Boria, equipped with a lawn chair, more than 100 balloons, and $12,000 worth of helium, said he wanted to skydive into the Stampede, according to reports. Unfortunately, Boria missed his mark by about two miles and was detained by police. He has reportedly been charged with mischief and causing danger to life, and might face federal charges because of airspace regulations. Yikes.

“I was sitting in a lawn chair looking down through the clouds at 747 airplanes and looking up to a cluster of helium balloons,” Boria told the Toronto Star. “I rose to a certain altitude and the winds got pretty intense. I was somersaulting out the chair and it felt like minus 30. I watched below as the Stampede and my dream drifted away.” His goal was to raise awareness for his start-up, All Clean Natural, an environmentally friendly cleaning service. Well, charges aside, mission accomplished.

Here’s takeoff:

And here’s the ensuing news report, in all its glory:

Man Imitates Up, Gets Charged With Mischief