Mike Schur Calls Amy Poehler’s Lack of Emmys ‘One of the Great Hollywood Tragedies’

The Emmy Award nominees were announced earlier today, and there’s one name on the list who is on the verge of suffering from Steve Carell-level Emmy Award injustice: Amy Poehler. Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, Parks and Rec co-creator Mike Schur doubled down on what he’s called in the past the “downright un-American” lack of Emmy wins Poehler has received for her work:

“It’s one of the great Hollywood tragedies that she hasn’t won an Emmy yet,” says Schur. “I watched this happen with Steve Carell—it’s a very similar thing—and I think the world just thinks that she’s won. She’s been an active part of the Emmy ceremony for years and years. I think people have a picture in their minds of her on a stage in a nice dress and are like, oh, she’s won three times. No one can do what she did better than she did it. It’s hard to complain—Julia Louis-Dreyfus is a national treasure—but at the same time, I just hope and pray that somehow or another, this is Amy’s year.”

Poehler is up against some fantastic actors in her category: Edie Falco, Lisa Kudrow, Julia-Louis Dreyfus, Amy Schumer, and Lily Tomlin. Considering Parks and Rec ended its seven-season run this year, though, hopefully the Television Academy finally gives her the recognition she deserves.

Mike Schur Calls Amy Poehler’s Lack of Emmys ‘One of […]