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Montage of Heck Has Added Another New Kurt Cobain Song

Kurt Cobain. Photo: Michel Linssen

Fans of Kurt Cobain will have the chance to hear another as-till-now-unreleased demo if they go see Montage of Heck in theaters next week. Billboard reports that filmmaker Brett Morgen added the song (probably circa 1991) to the film’s soundtrack without compromising anything from the iteration that debuted on HBO; the new track is supposed to have Cobain showing off his falsetto. Billboard had a chance to preview the song and said it reminded them a little bit of the Beach Boys’ Brian Wilson, but with slightly darker lyrics (“Wonder how I breathe” and “I’m a bad man,” for example). Makes sense. Morgen didn’t share where the untitled song pops up in the theatrical cut because he doesn’t want people to bootleg it — so, yep, you’ll probably have to go to find out. The movie, which has been nominated for seven Emmys and already has a slew of other recently unearthed demos and song snippets, hits theaters August 7 (check here for locations).

Montage of Heck Has Added a New Kurt Cobain Song