New Video Shows Nic Cage As ’90s Superman

A long time ago, in the ’90s, filmmaker Tim Burton infamously planned on making a Superman movie starring Nicolas Cage. At the time, Burton had yet to devolve into a parody of himself, and Cage … well, at that point in his career he was still known more as an actor than a recurring internet meme. The film, which never took off, was called Superman Lives, and you can just imagine the bizarre iteration of the Man of Steel that Burton and Cage could’ve conjured. A new documentary chronicling the film’s failure called The Death of Superman Lives (which is a most excellent title) is coming out July 9, and, courtesy of the Los Angeles Times, you can now watch a clip from the documentary showing the “holy grail” footage of Cage’s costume test:

Here is the trailer for The Death of Superman Lives, which will be shown at Comic Con: