Nicki Minaj Says She’d Be Down to Collaborate With Taylor Swift, Hmm

Suspicious. Photo: Vincent Sandoval/Getty and Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty

Nicki Minaj and Taylor Swift have laid down their weapons, and now they will beat swords into … microphones? That’s the impression left by Minaj’s appearance on Good Morning America’s summer concert series this morning, where interviewer Lara Spencer was very insistent that the two musicians seal their newfound harmony by producing some actual harmonies together. After a little prompting, Minaj admitted, “I would love to work with her” — which immediately produced alarm bells in the heads of all right-thinking citizens.

Could Minaj and Swift’s entire feud simply have been an elaborate promotional scheme … maybe even for a joint appearance at the very VMAs that sparked the whole “controversy” in the first place? Heck, they could have been tweeting at each other from the same room. You may laugh, but not two weeks ago, the basketball world found itself enthralled by a similar situation — none of which turned out to be quite what it seemed at the time. Of course, this conspiracy theory would require Taylor Swift to purposefully cast herself in the thankless role of ignorant white feminist, but stranger things have happened. Stay woke, and pass the tinfoil.

Nicki Minaj Hints at Taylor Swift Collaboration