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Pierce Brosnan Has Sex With Younger Women in Some Kind of Beautiful Trailer

Pierce Brosnan, who is in his 60s, portrays a promiscuous professor who has a midlife crisis in Some Kind of Beautiful. He knocks up Jessica Alba, who is not in her 60s, and gives up his licentious ways, but she subsequently leaves him and he has the midlife crisis. Then her sister, played by Salma Hayek, who is also not in her 60s, arrives so she can apparently fix his midlife crisis by teaching him about romance and having sex with him. The trailer also features Brosnan’s character quoting Rodney King after being arrested for drunk driving. Some Kind of Beautiful will have some kind of exclusive DirecTV VOD run on July 23, followed by theatrical and wider VOD release August 21.

Pierce Brosnan Has Sex in New Movie Trailer