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Allow Quest Crew’s Dance Moves to Delight You Once Again

It’s been three years since America’s Best Dance Crew was canceled, but MTV revived the series for an all-stars season, which kicked off last night in a lead-up to the VMAs. There are new judges, like T-Pain (!) and Frankie Grande (?), but more important, a lot of the old crews are back: Super Cr3w! I.aM.mE! We Are Heroes! (JabbaWockeeZ, the Kelly Clarkson of the series, isn’t there, because why.) And while some of them have lost their original magic, Quest Crew, the B-boy group that won the title back in season three, are here to remind you of everything you loved about the show those first few seasons. Their performance to Bruno Mars’ “Runaway Baby” is fun, energetic, and ever-so-slightly cheesy. (Hok tuts with his legs!) It’s like the show was never bad:

Allow Quest Crew’s Dance Moves to Delight You