Scott Aukerman and the ‘Comedy Bang! Bang!’ Writers Are Writing This Year’s Emmys

Andy Samberg is set to host the 2015 Emmy Awards on Sunday, September 20th, and in a new interview with KPCC radio show The Frame, Scott Aukerman revealed that he and his Comedy Bang! Bang! writing staff have been tasked with writing for Samberg:

Andy Samberg is hosting the Emmys this year, and I’ve known Andy for a while, ever since I was his head writer on the MTV Movie Awards. He’s a huge fan of Comedy Bang! Bang! so he approached me and my head writer, Neil Campbell. I said, “If you can take our entire writing staff, we can do it.” He’s such a big fan of the show that he said yes. So we’re all going to be writing the Emmys this year, which is crazy.

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Scott Aukerman and the ‘Comedy Bang! Bang!’ Writers […]