The Black Mass Trailer Is Like Being at a Party With Every Actor in Hollywood, All of Whom Want to Show You Their Amazing Boston Accents

Literally every actor in Hollywood who wasn’t in The Departed or The Town signed on for the Whitey Bulger biopic to prove that they, too, could do a convincing Boston accent. Seriously, this trailer is like playing Whack-A-Mole with famous people: There’s Landry from FNL! And here’s Johnny Depp! And over there, Benedict Cumberbatch! Now the dude from The Great Gatsby! Then it gets harder: Peter Sarsgaard and Kevin Bacon, for a few seconds each! Corey Stoll, getting a laugh line out of nowhere! Wait — was that Amanda Peet or Dakota Johnson? There are so many people in this movie, there’s not even enough room to put their first names at the end of the trailer.

See Depp As Bulger in the Black Mass Trailer