Watch Jason Bateman’s Chilly Breakup in This Exclusive Clip From The Gift

Who’s the real creep in the well-reviewed thriller The Gift, out August 7? Is it Gordo (played by writer-director Joel Edgerton), the high-school acquaintance who runs into well-heeled married couple Simon (Jason Bateman) and Robyn (Rebecca Hall) at the mall and then keeps showing up at their glamorous Hollywood Hills house uninvited? Or is it secretly Simon, who shows flashes of cold, smug-creep indifference in this exclusive scene, where he finally tries to break things off with Gordo as his more sympathetic wife looks on? Whoever the creep may be, there’s certainly something long buried between both men that Simon would prefer to keep in the ground, but as Gordo’s continued unwelcome gifts will make clear, he’s not going away that easily. The friend breakup: always so tricky to pull off!

See Jason Bateman in a Clip From The Gift