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The Goosebumps Movie Trailer Is Here (Stop Shaking — You’re an Adult Now, You Can Handle It)

If you grew up in the ‘90s, you were either Team Goosebumps, Team Are You Afraid of the Dark?, or (gasp!) both. Fans of the first, your childhood has now jumped off the pages in a long-delayed big-screen adaptation. It stars Jack Black as the R.L. Stine you probably never imagined, along with his daughter (Odeya Rush) and their super-nosy teen neighbor (Dylan Minnette) who just can’t keep his hands off those books. (Or his eyes off Stine’s daughter, of course.) That turns out to be the mistake that sets the movie in motion as every monster you can’t believe used to give you the creeps as a kid comes to life. Goosebumps hits theaters just in time for Halloween.

See the First Goosebumps Movie Trailer