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The Revenant Trailer: Leonardo DiCaprio Teams Up With González Iñárritu and a Beard to Hopefully Get That Oscar

Will Leonardo DiCaprio ever get the Oscar he dreams of? Who knows. But here, in the new trailer for The Revenant, he is getting real rugged with Tom Hardy for another wide-angle Alejandro González Iñárritu epic in pursuit of that elusive statue (and, it seems, his son). He survives a bear attack; just give it to him already!

The initial trailer for western-thriller The Revenant adds to the list of Things Leonardo DiCaprio Survives. Besides the bear, we’ve also got: Being buried alive, hypothermia (probably), a waterfall, and falling off a cliff while riding a horse. That’s the kind of actorly dedication that the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences can’t help but recognize — right? We’ll find out when it’s released on Christmas Day.

See the Trailer for Iñárritu’s The Revenant